[How to make a small pizza]_How to make a small pizza_How to make a small pizza_How to make a small pizza

It is a blessing to be able to eat, and this is not false at all, because eating is directly linked to our health.

If you eat well, you will be healthy.

And if you eat out all year round, you must not eat well, and naturally you are unhealthy.

So in order to change all this, you now need to learn with me how to make small pizzas.


1. The fermented dough is rounded and divided into 4 equal parts, and relaxed in the middle for 10 minutes 2.

2 All materials are kneaded into the bread machine to the completion stage for basic fermentation.

1 Manually tilt into shape, the middle thin around the high.

Place the shaped green body in a baking dish, fork a small hole with a fork, and relax in the oven for 10-15 minutes4.

2 Knead the slack dough again and round it 5.

1 Sprinkle corn kernels and pea kernels, then sprinkle with mozzarella cheese.

Two of them are topped with two tomatoes and sprinkled with cheese6.

2 Brush the whole egg liquid with a face brush and brush with another layer of tomato sauce.

The middle of the oven is 180 degrees for 18 minutes or so 8.

After baking, squeeze some ketchup to decorate it.

This is for myself, rice cake mini pizza!


This is a love pizza for my husband!

Because he doesn’t like to eat western bread and the like, so put some effort into the shape and he will be happy to digest it!


Save this for the next meal!

My husband said that this plate of bread is the most beautiful color!

Sometimes family gatherings are always rejected by their loved ones, they do n’t know how to cook, and everyone has no food.

Do n’t worry now, just watch the steps above and quickly learn to make a little pizza