Paradise for Bangkok nightlife lovers

During the daytime in Southeast Asia, the sun is strong, and the people can’t open their eyes, so most people squat at home.

When the sun sets, the breeze, people come out to enjoy the best time of the day.

Living in Bangkok, I feel that Bangkok is a city that never sleeps.

At night, the city became vibrant and became the most active entertainment park in Asia.

  For those who are new to Bangkok, travel agencies usually arrange night trips to the Chao Phraya River.

The Chao Phraya River is the mother river of Thailand. It sells flowers during the day. The hawkers of fruits and foods use the boat to cross the river. It is noisy and lively. It is a ukiyo-e painting on the world. At night, it is a scene of the midnight elves.

In the evening, sitting on the boat, gently swaying on the blue waves of the Chao Phraya River, surrounded by swarms of fish in the water, watching the sunset disappear behind the tall spires of the Zhengwang Temple, and the buildings on both sides of the river were smeared by the afterglowWith a mysterious color that changes gradually, the golden dome of the Grand Palace is shining in the setting sun.

Many hotels and travel companies offer sightseeing tours that take a boat ride in the sunset.

Sitting on a luxurious ship, while enjoying the scenery of the two sides of the Mekong River in the afterglow of the setting sun, while enjoying delicious Thai cuisine, this romantic feeling is really wonderful.

Dinner is buffet style and offers different criteria for visitors of different levels of consumption.

If your ship is just past the VIII King Bridge at the beginning of the Hua Deng, you will be fortunate enough to see its true content: but see the moon in the sky, the bridge in the air, the starry sky is like a pearl placed on the strings.

Changhong lying wave, not cloud He Long?

The tranquility and serenity of the Buddha Kingdom, the history of the Bohai Sea and the mulberry field, will all come to your heart.

Of course, occasionally, you can see the fisherman’s house standing in the water. The darkness itself is not eye-catching. Compared with the star-rated hotels on the opposite side, although they are a bit bleak, you can’t see it from the master’s level.To the slightest tension, it is really “yellow hair coveted, and happy.”

  Bangkok, which is a night, is a paradise for nightlife lovers.

There are several famous night markets in Bangkok, the most famous of which is Suan Lum Night Bazaar.

If you have enough interest, if you have enough patience, this is definitely your shopping paradise.

Hearty fruits, exquisite crafts, and colorful costumes will dazzle you and make you forget.

The Thai people are simple and friendly, English, Thai, Chinese, plus the help of a calculator, it is definitely a pleasure to bargain with Thais.

Even if you don’t go to Suan Lum Night Bazaar, the various stalls all over the streets are full of dazzling, strolling among them, talking about the simplification of Thai people’s minds, Thai people’s careful design of life, going deep into it, maybe there will be unexpectedThe discovery.
  If you are tired, don’t worry, just rest your feet.

If your financial situation permits, recommend the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. This is a world-famous luxury hotel and one of the best hotels in the world.

For centuries, it has won praises from celebrities and dignitaries for its elegant atmosphere, perfect facilities and services.

If you can’t live in the hotel due to your budget, you can enjoy a sense of nobility and celebrity by enjoying a pot of tea or a cocktail at the restaurant or bar on the riverside terrace of the hotel.

It is really inconvenient, looking for a small bar on the side of the road, and chatting with the three or five confidants, is not a pleasant enjoyment.

Bangkok’s nightlife is colorful, young people will not be long before, they will be familiar with all kinds of karaoke dance halls, disco, KTV, band bar, friends around, a lot of people, but also really achieved a few pairs of happyMarriage.

  When I came to Thailand, I experienced a day of embarrassment and there was a reservation project in the evening. If you have not been there, it is a great regret, that is, the Thai ancient massage.

The ancient Chinese massage is part of the ancient history and culture of Thailand and a precious cultural heritage, making it a tourism project in Thailand.

In Thailand, almost every hotel has this service. In addition to this, the places and people who operate ancient massages are all over the streets and all over the country. Even on the remote island beaches, there are mobile massagers who provide this service.Service, amazing.

Authentic Thai ancient massage can both relax and relieve fatigue.

Some of the remaining small schools and schools specialize in teaching classes to teach the secrets of Thai ancient massage.

When you come to the massage parlor and put on special clothing, you are left to the mercy.

With soft classical music, your head, feet and limbs are greatly relaxed on a soft mat.

An hour or two of massage, in exchange for the tension from the inside out, Shutai, refreshing, let you marvel at the ancient massage is really the national quintessence of Thailand.

The one-hour charge is usually around two to three hundred baht, not more than 50 yuan, which is definitely worth the money.

  During the day, Bangkok attracts visitors with its ancient culture and modern development, and visitors seem to be interested in the nightlife of Thailand.

Thailand has long been known for its colorful nightlife, and it is difficult to see other cities in Thailand, such as Bangkok, with a wide variety of entertainments to attract visitors.

How to spend a pleasant evening depends on how you choose.