What should the diet of the stomach drooping eat?

A lot of weight loss is actually related to sagging stomach.

  Director Li Jianhua, deputy secretary general of Zhejiang Sports Medicine Association, said that stomach sag is often accompanied by abdominal discomfort, fullness, nausea, backache, anorexia, constipation, fatigue and other symptoms.

Its formation is closely related to weight loss, because the visceral sputum is insufficient, the muscle ligament is slack, and the stomach cannot be effectively supported and protected.

Many patients want to increase their weight by running, climbing and other vertical posture movements. The result is counterproductive, and the symptoms of gastric ptosis are aggravated, and people become more thin.

In fact, patients with weight loss of stomach sag must first increase visceral sputum through reasonable nutritional support, and also need to cooperate with special exercise therapy – a low-consumption, special-body lower limb movement method.

  Female wasted people are more susceptible to aging due to abnormal levels in the body, such as fat-soluble vitamins such as VE, VA, and VD.

More than 80% of the wasted population is associated with gastrointestinal diseases and digestive dysfunction. Healthy fattening is based on the regulation of gastrointestinal absorption and absorption of digestible balanced nutrition.

  What should the diet of the stomach drooping eat?
  Do not overeating, eat less and eat more.

Smoking alcohol, banned fat, spicy and stimulating products, should be easy to digest, nutritious food.

Do not participate in heavy physical labor and short-term activities, especially after eating.

Walking after a meal can help the recovery of this disease.

Stay optimistic, don’t be angry, don’t be depressed.

To be patient and persistent in treatment, food conditioning and rehabilitation, you must have confidence in overcoming the disease.

  Patients with gastroptosis should not only understand what to eat, but also need to maintain good living habits and actively participate in physical exercise, such as walking, practicing Qigong, and playing Tai Chi.

To prevent this disease, you must also maintain optimism.

It is also possible to use a fitness method that is easy to learn and easy to learn. If you have chronic peptic disease, you should actively and thoroughly treat it to reduce the incidence of this disease.