What job are you suitable for the army?

I lost my way in the wild mountains and mountains when you were traveling. At this time, it was too late. You found that there was only a small house nearby, so you had to check in with the owner.In the case of living, would you choose one of these rooms?

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There is a man who is fiercely looking at the room where you sleep from the window.


There will be a room with a door opening and closing and a woman sighing in the toilet.


As soon as you lie in bed and go to bed, you start to shake the room that won’t let you sleep.


Waking up in the middle of the night to see a headless man sitting in the room next to the bed.

  Choice A: Most of the jobs you are suitable for have their own space.

Although there are not many struggles, there is a stable source of income, and it is relatively fixed, and it is not easy to be affected by the outside.

Someone staring at you from the window represents the dissatisfaction and strange eyes around you. It is not easy for the representative to influence you outside the window.

For example, the job of a teacher, no matter how unpopular you are, but you will not lose your job easily.

Other leisure jobs such as civil servants can also be classified here.

  Option B: You prefer quiet work, especially company personnel or other behind-the-scenes planning tasks.

The door will open and close and the woman sighs, which means that you will be under pressure from your supervisor or scolded by your supervisor.

In comparison, you would rather stay in the office for the whole day to blow air-conditioning than to go outside to endure wind and sun. Other technicians or engineers similar to high-tech industries, corporate network engineers or accountants are more suitable for you.
  Option C: You are suitable for military intervention or business work. Your personality is more active. Sitting in the office all day is afraid that you will get sick and you do n’t like to be constrained. So your occupation may also beJobs that often go outside, like insurance salesmen, real estate agents, etc.

When the bed starts to sway from letting you sleep on your behalf to do business, visiting customers are often rejected and run into the wall.

Other drivers or tour guides like big bosses can also fall into this category.

  Option D: You are better at communicating with people, so working close to the crowd is good for you.

For example, TV stars, government members, and other jobs that require crowd support are considered internal.

A headless ghost sitting on the bed represents that this person is inseparable from you, but you can’t see who he is.

Just like a baseball star will accumulate a certain number of fans, and also rely on the support of fans to eat, but do not know who is who.

Other things like company PR, convenience store clerk or bank service staff are also suitable for you.