[How to eat rock candy bird’s nest drink]_Making method_Eating method

You can eat the rock candy bird’s nest drink directly without processing, but you should pay special attention to the freshness of rock candy bird’s nest, and you can also use bird’s nest with various flavors, which will help you taste rock candy bird’s nest.of.

We can all know how to eat rock candy bird’s nest drink and how to make it, which will help us to increase our understanding of bird’s nest and its medical value.

How to eat instant bird’s nest bottled bottled instant bird’s nest can be purchased directly, but you must pay attention to the expiration date.

In our bird’s nest origin, bottled bird’s nest is a daily drink.

Generally, the bottled bird’s nest can be stored in the refrigerator on a hot day and refrigerated. If it is hot on a cold day, do not pour it into a pot and reheat it.

If you want to heat, you must unscrew the bottled bird’s nest and soak it in a vessel filled with hot water.

Instant bird’s nest can be eaten in a variety of ways. On the basis of its essence, you can mix and match your own taste, and you can eat 20-30 grams each time.

Instant bird’s nest bottle can be eaten directly? Instant bird’s nest bottle can be eaten directly, once in the morning or evening, or once every other day, 3-5 grams of dried bird’s nest each time, 20-30 grams of instant bird’s nest each time.

Specifically, the bird’s nest is first soaked in water and then shredded.

Burn a pot of chicken broth in the morning, skim off the oil, scoop out an appropriate amount of pure, non-oiled chicken broth into the stew pot, put the bird’s nest in, and start to simmer over low heat until you have dinner at night.Almost 10 hours, you can eat directly, it is very tonic.

Introduction of instant bird’s nest eating method1, the method of cooking bird’s nest by instant bird’s nest is best to stew it in a fire and water, but preparation is also important.

The main purpose of washing bird’s nests is dipping.

Just soak the water for 1-2 hours before draining. During this period, clean up the velvet hair and other sundries, and then soak with water for another 1-2 hours. At this time, the amount of water soaked should be controlled. Generally, the surface of the bird’s nest will pass a littleIs enough.

2. When urgently using bird’s nest, you can also use warm water for immersion, which can be taken within 30-40 minutes, but this quick method is not suitable for blood swallows.

Bottled liquid bird’s nest is also more common, so we generally have a lot of ways to eat liquid bird’s nest. For example, we can eat it directly or put it into other flavors with other foods. In fact, whether we chooseThe best way to eat directly or indirectly is to choose the method that suits you according to your own constitution.

What time is the best time to eat bird’s nest? Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is best to eat bird’s nest in the morning and evening on an empty stomach. The absorption effect is the best.

Consuming bird’s nest and milk on an empty stomach before going to bed at night is not only conducive to the absorption of nutrients, but also helps sleep, and has the effect of beauty and nourishment.

1, 23 pm to 1 am: When the yin and yang transfer between children, the absorption is best at this time.

2, 5 am to 7 am: It is better for children, women and elders to nurse and eat bird’s nest, which is related to the physiological status of these age groups.

2, it is best to leave for two hours before or after meals: the best absorption when fasting.

Nutrition is best absorbed on an empty stomach.