Learn to help your baby take a comfortable bath

Bathing the baby is a challenging task. Although, in order to successfully complete the task, the parents and mother are put on the battle together, they are still messed up, a mess, the shampoo is gone for a while, the shower gel is not taken out for a whileWhat is anxious is that the baby’s special soap has not been opened yet . As the saying goes: “If you want to be good, you must first sharpen it.”

Before the bath, if you can prepare all the baby items needed for bathing and put them in a place where you can get them, there will no longer be a “tragedy” that allows wet babies to look around.

  Bathing utensils: stereotyped bathtub: suitable for babies aged 0-6 months.

This tub is ergonomically designed to allow the baby to lie or sit in the ideal position on the tub very comfortably, thereby preventing the baby from accidentally sliding into the water.

  Ordinary bathtub: suitable for babies over 6 months.

Because such a large baby can sit, the situation of sliding into the water is greatly reduced.

  Bath chair: If your baby can’t always take a quiet bath, use a bath chair.

Bath chairs usually have a suction cup-type anchoring system that can be easily placed in an adult bathtub.

And the bath chair is a non-slip seat. The baby can sit on it and wash while playing. Mommy can complete this “heavy task” without the help of others.

  Bathtub hanging box: The bathtub hanging box is a very convenient auxiliary tool. Its adjustable handle clip can be fixed on the edge of the bathtub, and it has a large capacity, which can hold everything for bathing baby, such as soap, sponges, toys, etc., Can effectively avoid the lack of east and west while bathing.

  Cleaning supplies: shower gel: baby shower gel made of natural oils should be selected, which will not harm the baby’s tender skin, and is rich in milk protein.

However, infants under 3 months should use less shower gel. For example, three baths can be washed with water twice to reduce the irritation to the baby’s skin.

  Shampoo: Babies under 6 months have little secretion and can wash their hair directly with shower gel. Babies over 6 months can use baby-specific shampoos. These shampoos usually have a tear-free formula.Stimulate eyes, moisturize hair and prevent skin allergies.

  Soap: Use pure and mild baby-specific soap, with rich and delicate foam, which can effectively keep the skin hydrated.

  Bath towel: In order to fully keep warm, you can choose a bath towel with a hat, because the head is the most easily radiated part.

  Small towels: Use small cotton texture towels, which have good hygroscopicity and are small and cute. You can buy different colors to wipe your face, feet, and buttocks.

  Sponge: It is best to buy a baby-specific natural sponge for your baby, which is hard to form when dry, and immediately softens when it encounters water.

  Auxiliary supplies: Water thermometer: Baby’s skin is delicate, and the requirements for water temperature are higher than that of adults.

Mummy only uses her hand to feel that the temperature of the water often has errors. If it is colder, the sights will cause the baby’s discomfort.

Therefore, measuring the water temperature with a water temperature meter before taking a bath can be a very good basis for the “bath war” itself that begins later.

  Nasal Suction Device: Sometimes it is inevitable that the baby will be messy when taking a bath. If you accidentally let the baby’s nose get into the water, the baby will cry uncomfortably.

If you have a nasal suction device, you can easily suck the water out of the baby’s nose, causing the baby to suffer.

  Bathing toys: When bathing your baby, if you can have some colorful and cute bath toys, you will definitely add a lot of bathing fun to your baby.

To the baby, bath time with toys is like a fun game, and he will like it more and more.

  Bathing tips: 1. Bathing babies should be arranged before bedtime, and larger before feeding.

Because bathing before bed can make your baby sleep comfortably, bathing after feeding can easily cause vomiting.

  2. In addition to preparing the above items for bathing, prepare your baby’s post-bath items, such as intimate clothes, skin care lotions, diapers, etc., and put them in a convenient place.

  3. Do not overuse skin care lotion (especially in summer) after taking a shower, otherwise it may cause sweat pores and cause skin irritation.

  4, after bathing your baby, it is best to apply talcum powder on the baby’s hips, thigh roots and underarms to keep the baby’s skin dry and hygienic and healthy, and prevent boils and skin eczema.

But be sure to use it properly, otherwise it may cause skin irritation.

  The above items must be purchased for children with quality assurance products to protect the baby’s skin from harm.