Five practical tips to develop baby intelligence

As the baby grows up, the differences between the babies are getting bigger and bigger. Some are lively, smart, enthusiastic, and good at learning and imitation.Weak and slow.

The key to making these differences is whether you gave your baby a well-planned and well-earned early intelligence development education.

First, the mother touches it, and the baby smiles and touches it. Everyone needs it. Adults also need to shake hands and hug. It is even more necessary for infants and young children.

It can develop children’s tactile abilities and promote their growth. It also conveys the love of parents, allows children to have a good emotional experience, and cultivates a healthy mentality. It is an excellent means of parent-child communication.

(Touching should be carried out when the child is awake. Parents must wash their hands and remove accessories such as rings, bracelets, watches, etc. to avoid scratching the child.

Stroke gently when touching, not too long, five or six times a day, three or four minutes each time.

) Second, the beautiful voice makes the baby smarter. Everyone wants their children’s ears to be bright and articulate. Training and cultivating children’s good hearing as early as possible is very beneficial to the development of children’s language level and intelligence.

Normal infants and young children have hearing ability once they are born, and the source of hearing is the main training method.

Keep speaking softly and repeatedly to your child. This can store a lot of language information in your baby’s head.

The child especially likes short, cheerful and rhythmic nursery rhymes, so he can read more to him.

However, it should be noted that the hearing training time should not be too long, and the volume should not be too large.

Third, the babies who have seen the world ‘s most knowledgeable infants have weak eyesight and can only see things up close. As the age of the month increases, they can see things five or six meters away in three months.Can see things from a distance.

Therefore, visual training should be step by step. Children are slightly sensitive to bright colors (especially red), colorful and bright colors, and rich and varied items can most stimulate the baby’s interest.

Fourth, the sports baby’s good physical activity not only makes the child healthy and strong, but also helps the child’s comprehensive development of multiple sensory abilities, cultivates his good sense of direction and balance, and makes the child smart and lively.

However, when doing sports, you must combine your child’s physical quality, exercise intensity, and intensity. The difficulties should be moderate, and don’t let the child be overly tired.

Fifth, the baby loves to imitate progress, but many infants and young children have amazing learning ability and strong curiosity. They are “greedily” searching like sponges absorb water.

Parents need to help their babies understand their surroundings in a purposeful and planned manner.

It is necessary to observe carefully, timely discover the needs and interests of children, and to teach with patience and tirelessness. You must not be irritable and discourage your children’s enthusiasm.

What’s more important is to pay attention to “Teach yourself”, to take care of you with kindness, to take care of patient repetition and continuous encouragement, to gradually warm up the child, and cultivate a happy state of mind. In this way, the child will form a healthy mentality and enthusiasm.Self-confident personality, optimistic and up-to-date qualities allow children to gain a lifetime.