Seven countermeasures to easily have flawless beauty

As long as you see the beautiful face in the mirror, the index of confidence will soar all the way, but if you get closer and observe it carefully, you will be in trouble and confidence will be down.

Because the skin is always infested with spots, so you are always so far away from flawlessness, making you depressed.

How should you deal with spots?

  1 maintain a pleasant and good mood to maintain a pleasant and good mood, the generation of spots has a significant relationship with endocrine and emotional.

Therefore, the use of whitening products to improve melasma is not obvious.

If you want to completely remove freckles, the most important thing is to make yourself happy, then the spots will disappear quickly.

  2 Attention to remove aging cutin Attention to remove aging cutin.

Since dark spots are generated in the basal layer of the skin, an effective skin care product should be applied to the deep layers of the skin, and it can effectively remove aging cuticles and lighten the skin from the inside out.

Weekdays can be followed by a local exfoliation followed by a whitening treatment.

  3 Don’t forget to strengthen the moisture.

Whitening itself is a purification process. After the melanin is transferred from the epidermal cells, the cuticles on the surface of the skin become clean.

But the newly renewed horny also needs to add moisture and nutrition protection.

The residual moisture can maintain the skin’s metabolism and speed up the process of freckle removal.

  4 Early sunscreen is not lazy Conventional sunscreen is not lazy.

Freckled skin is very fragile. With each exposure, there is no obvious change in the skin surface, but almost all marks on the skin will be injured.

The superposition of dark spots will exacerbate freckles and make the face darker.

So regardless of indoor solar energy, sun protection products should be used all year round.

  5 Facial massage should be moderate.

Once a day, use the palm or fingers to rhythmically enter the skin veins for moderate massage, each time no more than 5 minutes, the movement should be light and gentle.

Excessive massage may accelerate skin aging and make it easier for pigmentation to find opportunities.

  6 small recipes nursed back to health.

Drink a glass of tomato or carrot juice daily.

Tomatoes are very rich in vitamin C and are known as “vitamin C warehouses”.

Long-term supplementation with tomatoes can inhibit tyrosinase activity in the skin and effectively reduce the formation of melanin.

And carrot juice is rich in provitamin A.

Vitamin A can be converted into Vitamin A in the body.

It has a significant effect on lightening freckles and implanting rough skin.

  7 Effective concealer is hidden invisible.

Freckle removal is a protracted battle, and it is not possible to do it in one step.

But we can still use the concealer method to go out brightly.

Don’t use over-white concealers, choose one or two concealer products that are lighter in color than the foundation.

Dip it with your fingertips and apply it to the spots, letting it blend into the skin in a blocking way.

Note that it must be strain, not horizontal absorption, and then use the foundation to evenly transition with the surrounding skin, the stains are hidden.