Walking and riding are also fit

The work is quite busy, there are a lot of things at home, and various entertainments . There is really no time to arrange a systematic fitness plan?

Then don’t waste your 10 minutes waiting for the bus and taking the bus on the way to and from work, because you can use this time to get thinner!


Pay attention to the posture of walking Every day on the way to and from work, try to walk as long as you can.

The walking posture is very important. Keep your chest up, lower your abdomen, and step on the forceps.

If you do not tighten your abdomen while walking, no matter how many paths you take, you will not be able to stimulate your abdominal muscles, and your lower abdomen will not shrink.

In addition, humpback can disrupt the body’s sense of balance and reduce the effectiveness of walking.


Increasing the walking stride As a weight loss exercise, you can’t just take a walk as usual. Properly increase the stride length. Only by striding forward with meteors, you can exercise your thigh muscles and avoid radish legs.


After the heel touches the ground first, then the heel touches the ground first, not the entire sole flat on the ground.

Place the center of gravity on the front foot. For each step, the front foot should land in the order of the back heel, the center of the foot, and the toe. In this way, the back heel will lift up naturally, and the curve of the leg will become tight and symmetrical.


Women who throw arms to carry out a bag usually carry a bag when they go out. Without interfering with other people, they can use it as a “mini sports equipment” to shake back and forth. This kind of movement can exercise arm muscles.

But be careful not to shake back and forth if the bag is too heavy, it is not easy to hurt the shoulder joint, and it may hurt the surrounding road.


When you wait for the car, wait for the car, wait for the signal lamp to discharge, and you are not left with nothing to do.

You can use this time for abdomen exercises.

Concentrate on the abdomen, tighten it with all your strength, and feel.


You can easily do exercise while sitting on the bus.

The legs are placed at 90 °, the heel is fixed, and the toes swing up and down repeatedly. This action can exercise the muscles of the calf and make the calf lines more even.

At the same time, you can exercise your abdominal muscles while sitting, raise your legs together to a height of about 5 cm from the ground, suspend your legs in the air, and try to keep this position as long as possible.


It doesn’t matter if there are no seats on the bus.

Because standing can do a lot of small exercises.

Align the ring on the car, hold it tightly, relax sometimes, and repeat it to make your wrists thinner.

Or hold the railing in your hand and count the tempos while tightening the abdomen inward. This method can effectively tighten the abdominal muscles and make the lower abdomen slowly shrink.