Purification of home, 5 details to pay attention to

A person who does not go out also gets sick because there is an infection factor in the family.

For example air.

  Crowded living in big cities, small per capita area, and air-conditioning in the rooms make the air more polluted.

The air exhaled from air pollution pollutants, folds, changes clothes, walks and sweeps the dust, including microorganisms and allergens.


Promote wet sweeping or vacuuming.

After sweeping the ground with a dry broom, the number of bacteria in the air rose by more than 66 times within a few minutes; if you sprayed some water on the ground, the number of bacteria only increased by more than 4 times; using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, the number of bacteria did not increase.


Air disinfectants that do not have a disinfecting effect are not sterile by themselves, and bacteria will grow after being opened for a long time. Care should be taken.


Ultraviolet disinfection can only be applied on a plane 1-2 meters away from the lamp without any penetrating power. For example, if a banknote is irradiated with an ultraviolet lamp, the bacteria on the surface can be 0.

Killed within 5-1 hours, while bacteria on the other side are still alive.


Ozone diffusion ability is better than that of ultraviolet rays. It can be used in a small room in a closed room, which can effectively kill bacteria, mold and even hepatitis virus. It takes more than half an hour.

Ultraviolet rays and ozone must be completely irritating, and they should not be used indoors. Some people should use ozone after ventilation.

The most convenient way to eliminate air pollution is to use natural ventilation.


The oil fume in the kitchen is harmful to people. The exhaust hood has been generally installed, but often because the power is too small and the location is too high to affect the oil fume discharge. Pay attention when purchasing and installing.